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6go października mieliśmy ogromną przyjemność gościć w naszych progach Panią Bożenę Pawłowską, eksperta British Council Exam Centre przy Uniwersytecie Śląskim w Katowicach.

Uczniowie klas językowych oraz klasy 2d mieli okazję dowiedzieć się z pierwszej ręki jak wyglądają egzaminy Cambridge English, na co warto zwrócić uwagę w trakcie egzaminu oraz jak najlepiej się do niego przygotować. Przedstawiono im również korzyści płynące dla szkoły z udziału w programie Advantage, w którym nasze liceum bierze udział od czerwca tego roku, jak też walory certyfikacji zewnętrznej proponowanej dla uczniów pragnących rozszerzać swoją znajomość języka angielskiego, w tym szczególnie egzaminu Cambridge English First for Schools.

Spring is a good time to travel so between 20th and 25th March this year we went on a school trip to England and the Netherlands.       

On the first day of our sightseeing we visited London and saw its most famous landmarks. We started with three museums situated by Exhibition Road – Museum of Natural History, Victoria and Albert Museum and Science Museum. The first one held exhibitions about the solar system, Earths beginnings, crystals and minerals and many more. The second one, funded by King George VI, featured items used in everyday life in 19th century. The last one’s exhibits were connected with various sciences such as physics or chemistry. Later we were able to see Westminster Abbey, the place of coronation and burial of many members of the royal family, and a very impressive stature of The Houses of Parliament with Big Ben tower at its side. Then we went on to Trafalgar Square and saw the monument dedicated to one of Britain’s most famous commanders – Admiral Nelson. Later we stopped at The British Museum to see its many historical treasures such as mummies from Ancient Egypt. After dinner we made our last stop at Oxford Street – London’s main shopping district.

On 22nd February 2017 classes 1e and 2e  visited the American Corner in Katowice. This time we had an opportunity to participate in workshops about the Black History Month, an American celebration held throughout February. We listened to moving stories of slaves helping each other escape from plantations in the south of the USA by hiding clues in embroidered pieces of fabric. We also watched a trailer for the movie Selma. The picture tells a story of the American civil rights movement and its leader Martin Luther King, Jr. Later on we played a game called Kahoot and answered the questions concerning information acquired during the workshops. We had lots of fun and we are looking forward to the next meeting in April.

On 27th October our class 1e went for the second time to the English Language Centre at the University of Silesia in Katowice.

The first step was British Library. We watched the presentation where we got to know the Guy Fawkes figure and we discovered why and how British people celebrate the Bonfire Night in November. We also watched the film about fireworks and we saw what it looks like to take part in Bonfire Night celebrations. Next we did some exercises concerned with this festival and with the capital of the United Kingdom. We were divided into two groups and we had to find on the map different monuments of London. Both groups did this well. It was fun to explore this city a little bit.

Then we went to the American Corner where we were first invited to the film club. Then we watched the presentation about the northeastern coast of the USA. We discovered some curious facts about history of this place and about the Thanksgiving Day. We could figure out what American people feel about this feast. This was very interesting for us. Can't wait for another visit. 

Text: WiktoriaPrzybyłek, class 1e
Proofreading: Anna Miś, MA

On 25th September 2015 the linguistic class 1e with two English teachers took part in the European Day of Languages in the English Language Centre at the University of Silesia in Katowice.

The visit started in the American Corner library, where we learned everything about the cultural and educational activity of this institution and the opportunities for cooperation as well as the use of free software in the framework of the American Corner workshops.

Then we participated in language classes in the British Council department. There we could repeat information about British culture and English grammar. Our task was to talk to each other and exchange the knowledge. Another highlight of the classes was when we were divided into groups and had to solve the quiz. The winners received prizes such as vouchers for language courses.

On 27th October 2015 our highschool welcomed professor John Malcolm Swales from the Michigan University in Ann Arbor. This leading linguist and mentor of many reserchers had received a honoris causa degree a day before. It was a great pleasure and honour for our town because it took place here, at Uniwersytet Śląski.

Everyone couldn't wait for the visit. English teachers had prepared this event a few days earlier. The most important thing when preparing for the lecture was to allocate extra tasks for students. Two girls from 2ab class got opening speeches and another two girls had to welcome the guests and show them the direction to the assembly hall. In the assembly hall students arranged chairs and displayed a multimedial presentation about the professor.

Our guests came after the third lesson. In headmaster's companion they walked through the door, while all students were clapping their hands and cheering. The girls gave the opening speech and the lecture started. The meeting didn't seem like a traditional lecture because Mr Swales asked us to ask him some questions. Very quickly he made contact with all the people and shared with us his experiances, passions and interests.

For me it was a very interesting and inspiring lecture. I'm really honored that I was one of a few students in our school and town that met professor John Malcolm Swales. I would be very happy to take part in such a meeting again in the future.

Karolina Witczak 2ab